Vincent Soubiron



Connelly is the world’s largest watersports brand. In 1999, Jack Travers signed a contract with Connelly to develop the high-end F1 slalom ski. Thanks to Jack, I joined the Connelly Testing Team and have been sponsored by them for nearly 25 years. Our strong relationship spans R&D and brand promotion. Connelly has produced World Champions and Superstars like Joel Howley, Manon Costard, Jamie Beauchesne, Sacha Descuns, and rising talents such as the Eade brothers, Lucas Cornale, and Annemarie Wroblewski.

As the Certified Connelly Demo Center for Europe and Florida, we are here to showcase their exceptional range of skis, wakeboards, and equipment.

We are the Certified Connelly Demo Center for Europe and Florida, and we are at your service to introduce you to their outstanding range of skis, wakeboards, and equipment.


In March 2022, I discovered a new ski lines brand, Slines, and was impressed by their affordable prices. After congratulating them, Scott Sedgley, the man behind Slines, sent me some samples to try. The ropes were not only affordable but performed excellently. We quickly formed a strong bond, and I was honored to help promote this new brand. Slines is now recognized in the industry and is the official rope for several world championships and pro events. As a certified demo center for Slines, we invite you to come check out their ropes and handles.


We spent years trying various boat cleaning products, from harsh acidic ones to time-consuming scrubbing solutions. Then, a young man named Alexandre Darmais, whose family owns a cleaning chemical factory, shared a game-changing solution. We tested different products together and discovered the perfect recipe: a spray-on chemical that effortlessly cleans boats with a pressure washer. This revolutionary discovery saves time and boosts efficiency. Come check out our products and take home a sample today.

Pro Ski Simulator

Discovering this brand on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with the concept. In 2020, Pro Ski Simulator agreed to sponsor us, providing top-notch equipment. It’s not just about improving physical condition and coordination; we’ve even utilized it for VO2Max tests at the Sports Sciences Medicine Department. Our scientific testing confirms that the Pro Ski Simulator significantly boosts cardio. Whether for warm-ups, rehabilitation, or training, it’s suitable for all ages and levels. Come try it out at our facility!