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Our ski school has been welcoming beginners from all ages, and recreational skiers or riders that are just looking for fun for more than 30 years! Having fun, creating and sharing memories is all we strive for. 



When visiting a new place for the first time, we don’t know what to expect. Here are some FAQs to guide you through it.

What do I need to bring ?

Basically just a bathing suit and a towel. If you don’t have your own equipment we have all you need to provide you at no charge. 

Do we need to know how to swim?

Not really, you will be provided with an approved life jacket that will help you float 

Is it an issue if it's my first time ever?

We are here to help, whether it’s your fist time or an accomplished skier/rider. For beginners (from kids to adults) we have a lateral boom attached to the pylon of the boat that will help you get out of the water easier and help on your confidence. We also have a wakeboard tower that we use for beginners and for riders of course. 

Do you host summer camps ?

Yes we do ! what a great way to learn fast and in a fun atmosphere with other skiers. On top of that our waterski school is international  and you’ll get to meet and share with other skiers from abroad, learning new language and culture!

How's a day running at summer camp

It is usually running on 5 days, from Monday to Friday (but we are flexible don’t worry), 2 sets in the morning, then lunch, and then 2 more sets in the afternoon. Huge improvements guaranteed !

How's the atmosphere at the lake?

We are a very family oriented waterski school and we make all the efforts for you to feel home. Everyone is taking care of each other with great spirits values. 

Things to do in between sets?

you can use the paddle boards we have, relax on the lounge chairs, sun bathing on the dock or have fun on the trampoline. There is as well many activities close to the lake.

Are we learning by ourselves?

We are to teach you no matter whatever your level or your goals.